Tuesday, July 19, 2016


 Since this Zara off the shoulder dress if very pink and very girly I wanted to style it in a way that gave it a little bit of "edge". I accessorized the dress by wearing snakeskin platform heels instead of nude simple strapy heel which would have made the dress feel even more feminine. I also added a diamond choker from Topshop. The diamonds fit in with the girly look but the choker is a bit more trendy and cool. 

Monday, July 18, 2016

Drape Your Jackets

 Last year was all about wearing your jackets over your shoulders, this year we're wearing our jackets draped around our arms for an effortless 'cool' look. The style is most suitable for bomber jackets and over sized denim jackets so that it isn't uncomfortable or restricting. 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Super Casual/Super Chic

I find that as much as I like a glamorous kind of over the top outfit, sometimes the best outfits are really the ones that are simple and effortless. It's about going for basic pieces with an edge. 
This outfit only has 3 pieces, each of which everyone should have in their closet: a black top, jeans, and black pointed toe heels.  Since I already have a bunch of black tops and a few pairs of jeans I bought new versions of the things I already have just with different cuts and textures. 
If you mix and match your basic pieces you may end up wearing your best outfit. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Major Kim K Vibes

This outfit was giving me very strong Kim Kardashian vibes when I put it on. The neutral colours, plunging lace up neckline, pencil skirt with cut outs going down the side...thigh high boots. There's literally nothing about this that Kim wouldn't wear. 
And yes. She is my style icon.  

Monday, July 11, 2016

In the Nude...Bodysuit

If you've gone shopping in the past eight months you know bodysuits are everywhere right now. They're being made in a multitude of styles, colours, and cuts. The best part of the bodysuit is that they're made to be tucked in to your bottoms. No more worrying about your shirt bunching underneath your skirt, with a body suit all lines are smooth and perfectly tucked. 

Friday, June 10, 2016

Somewhere Between A Hippie and A Farmer

I feel as though the title of this post is self explanatory and does not require any sort of explanation. 

I got this dress from The GAP this week and in the fitting room I realized there are literally a trillion different ways I could wear it. I the fitting room my hair was straight and slicked back behind my ears. I was wearing red lipstick and had a silver metal choker on as well as black heels. The look I had on in the fitting room would be a really cool day to night look. 

Today I opted for a beachy and relaxed day time look. The dress came with a thin denim tie for the waist of the dress. I like having something cinching in my waist that is a bit tighter than the belt the dress came with so I swapped it for a leather western belt from M. To make use of the denim belt and to not loose touch with the beloved choker trend I tied the thin denim string around my neck. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Business As Usual

I wore this outfit while at a presentation for a prominent law firm in Toronto given by a personal stylist/wardrobe consultant who I work with once in a while. The presentation was all about how to dress for your body shape (whether it be pear, hour glass, or an inverted triangle) in a corporate setting. Due to our location I needed to look like I work in a corporate setting but also show off my own personal style. 

I wore a metal silver choker for a trendy and fashion forward look and paired the statement piece with the most comfy black dolman sleeve top from M for Mendocino with my favorite high waist wide leg black pants perfect for an office.