Friday, June 10, 2016

Somewhere Between A Hippie and A Farmer

I feel as though the title of this post is self explanatory and does not require any sort of explanation. 

I got this dress from The GAP this week and in the fitting room I realized there are literally a trillion different ways I could wear it. I the fitting room my hair was straight and slicked back behind my ears. I was wearing red lipstick and had a silver metal choker on as well as black heels. The look I had on in the fitting room would be a really cool day to night look. 

Today I opted for a beachy and relaxed day time look. The dress came with a thin denim tie for the waist of the dress. I like having something cinching in my waist that is a bit tighter than the belt the dress came with so I swapped it for a leather western belt from M. To make use of the denim belt and to not loose touch with the beloved choker trend I tied the thin denim string around my neck. 

Hat: H&M 
Dress: GAP 
Belt: M for Mendocino
Bracelets: COS 

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  1. best Writings i find on this blog. thanks lovely.


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