Wednesday, March 30, 2016

American Apparel Sale Alert

I was informed by a friend the other night that American Apparel is having some crazy sale. She told me she had bought six items for $120. Crazy. Obviously I had to check out the sale (online only = super easy) and ASAP too because it ends this Thursday. 

While browsing I decided I would share my favourite items with you because why miss buying $60 skirt for $20? 
Obviously this is a men's shirt but I don't see why a woman couldn't wear it. It's so cool and would look great as an over sized top paired with leather leggings and round sunglasses as a really easy but cool look. No effort required. 

I love this reversible belt. It's the straw/dark poppy colour the caught my eye. It's such a nice alternative to brown or black for spring. 

I'm loving this whole outfit!

A leather skirt is a must and wearing a circle style one is so cute for a spring daytime look. 

The button up skirt is very fitting with the seasons 70s trend. It would also look amazing paired with the reversible belt...

Imagine it with a block heel and a wide brim fedora. 

This clear skirt is by far my favourite thing included in the sale. It looks so high fashion and paired with this black body suit it looks amazing. You have to be super daring to wear it. 

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