Thursday, July 16, 2015


Okay so I may have gone to Montreal the day after I was in Ottawa to see Taylor Swift again...

I was lucky enough to have free tickets to both nights at the concert! The Montreal concert had a bit of a better crowd than the Ottawa concert and Taylor felt it too.

Since I had already been to the concert the night before my friends and I decided to leave before the crowd and go get dinner. Before we left going back stage was a must because our working passes allowed it. As my sister and I walk behind the stage we have no problem, the security guards raise their hands and let us walk straight through. Then the farther back stage we get I notice a security guard running after me yelling you can't be back here. I quickly show him the badge on my jacket which supposedly grants the wearer access to wherever in the stadium they want to be. Turns out that isn't true, you can't just go anywhere you want with a working pass because the next thing you know you're being manhandled backstage and thrown out of a Taylor Swift concert. Good thing we were leaving anyway ;) 

About the outfit:

I saw a photo on Tumblr which is where I get most of my fashion inspiration of a girl wearing a long white blouse with another white blouse wrapped around her waist. I thought it looked so cool so I saved it on my phone. I tried the outfit on in my hotel room at Le Meridian Versailles in Montreal. My friend told me the outfit was "so dope", she even posted the outfit on her Instagram, and my sister said it was "the stupidest thing ever, but looked kinda good". I proceeded to wear the outfit because even though one person said it was stupid I thought it was cool, and fashion is all about taking a risk here and there. 

Tip: This is kind of obvious but I'm sure not everyone does it, if you want to wear high heels while walking around for hours anywhere, but especially on a trip, bring a pair of flats in your bag!!! 

Sunglasses: Aldo
Bag: Marc Jacobs
Shirt: Aritzia
Blouse around my waist: Gap
Shorts: Levi's
Shoes: Steve Madden
Old Montreal

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