Monday, June 22, 2015

Why Is It Called A Canadian Tuxedo Anyway?

I've done the Canadian Tuxedo look a few times before but this is for sure my favourite Canadian Tux look that I've done to date. I wore a more fitted denim shirt with bell bottom jeans to give it a very 70s feel, and I could easily wear it again with a trench coat, or fur vest in the fall. 

This got me wondering why total denim looks are called Canadian Tuxedos anyway...

Well turns out Bing Crosby (White Christmas, Little Drummer Boy...) was a fan of wearing Levi's jeans with a matching denim jacket and wore the outfit every chance he got. He and a friend went hunting one day here in Canada  and were turned away from a swanky Vancouver hotel all because Bing Crosby was too under dressed in his denim on denim look (denim had a bad rep in the 1950s). Finally a bellhop at the hotel recognized the famous singer and allowed him to stay the night. When Levi's heard about what had happened and decided to change denims reputation. Levi's gifted Bing Crosby with a custom made denim tuxedo jacket. The jacket had a leather patch inside with a notice to all hoteliers stating that whoever was wearing the denim garment was meant to be treated with extra special respect. 

I bet Bing Crosby had no how much of an impact his go-to outfit would have on the fashion industry. 

The first ever Canadian Tuxedo worn by Bing Crosby, designed by Levi's 

Shirt: Aritzia
Pants: Zara
Shoes: Marc Fisher wedges 

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