Friday, January 23, 2015

From Me to You

I got the idea for this segment which I'm going to call 'From Me to You' from lifestyle blogger Emily Schuman. Every week on her blog she posts a few of her favourite links that she discovered that week. 
For Dying in Dior I think it's a nice break from Fashion once a week where I can share with you things that made me laugh, find interesting, or just generally love. It can be anything really. 
Here are this weeks links from me to you: 

1. Better Call Saul already better than Breaking Bad if you're a Breaking Bad fan like I am then you'll definitely want to check this out. 

2. 31 Things Only Friends Fans Will Appreciate. My sister showed this to me and I really did appreciate it. 

4. Dustin Hoffman Hides from Paparazzi

5. A Surprisingly Easy Way to Get Rid of Static Cling

6. Lets Send Kids to Harvard. I saw this through the Humans of New York Instagram page. The Principal of Mott Hall Bridges Academy Ms, Lopez is trying to do something amazing for the students (she calls them scholars) in her school who live in a very unsafe area of New York. Ms, Lopez is trying to make a big change in their life with your help.

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