Thursday, April 3, 2014

Throwback Thursday: From Decades Past

I could not decide what I wanted to post today, and can't do a personal style diary post because I lent my camera to a friend (you know who you are I want it back). With it being Thursday I thought why not do a Throwback Thursday post! Then I had trouble deciding what or who this Throwback Thursday post should be on/about. To solve my troubles (and boredom) I chose to take an online quiz called "What Retro Decade Are You" (which you can take Here, I'm sure it is very accurate). My quiz results told me I belong in the 1940's stating "Classic, glamorous, and stylish, you are the most refined decade of them all. Never trashy, you define the word class with your charm and wit. Think waved hair, cigarette holders, and Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in 'Casablanca'" With that being said here are some of my favourite looks from the 1940's:
Barbra Stanwyck in 1940 

Ava Gardner 

Brenda Marshall 

Carole Landis wearing a nightgown in the 1940's 

Children getting ready for school 

Joan Crawford 

Rita Hayworth 

Ann Sheridan in 1942 

Claudette  Colbert in 1942 

Ginger Rogers in 1942 

1943 Balanciaga ad 

Judy Garland in 1943 


From the 1944 March issue of Vogue 

From the March 1944 issue of Vogue 

Joan Crawford in 1946 

Lana Turner in 1946 

Rita Hayworth in 1946 


Christian Dior 1947 


Doris Day in 1948 

Barbra Cushing Mortimer Paley in 1949 

1949 LIFE Magazine 


From the November 1949 issue of Vogue 

From the 1949 September issue of Glamour Magazine 


1947 Christian Dior 

Jaques Daith 1949 


I would love to know what you think