Thursday, March 10, 2016


 The beauty of layering is well...the layering part. Taking off and adding a layer to piece of clothing can completely transform the outfit. I wore my favourite vest with white pants (inspired by an outfit Doutzen Kroes wore to Paris fashion week this week) and paired it with a bomber jacket. With the jacket off the outfit is a bit more polished and sophisticated. On the other hand when I am wearing the bomber jacket the outfit takes on a more laid back - youthful vibe. Mixing a long vest and a bomber jacket isn't something totally expected but dressing up is all about getting creative and experimenting. 







Vest: M for Mendocino 
Pants: M for Mendocino 
Booties: Topshop  
Bomber: Topshop (same

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  1. Wonderful monochrome outfit, love your top!


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