Monday, June 1, 2015


This past Thursday was my high school prom. It started with a pre-prom for photos at a park, followed by the actual prom which was surprisingly really fun. The food wasn't bad, everyone was dancing, and I won best dressed grade 12 female! For after prom some friends and I stayed at a hotel which happened to be hosting a huge party (score!) so it gave us something to do for the night. Prom fell at the perfect time for me because it was two days before my birthday so I also had a little birthday celebration at the hotel at 3am which was so fun.

As for the dressing up part..the best part... I bought my dress in February because I was told that dresses start selling out in March. My options were a violet Jill Stuart gown from Holt Renfrew, and a red gown from Want Boutique. I knew that I did not want a cheesy bedazzled prom dress, I wanted more of an elegant red carpet like dress. I ended up choosing the red dress because it was "different" than most of the other prom dresses I had seen. The reason why I love my dress so much is because #1 I love the bold red colour and #2 the skirt is sheer with a romper underneath!

My mom & I

Dress: La Femme
Shoes: Steve Madden

After prom

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