Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Comfy Casual

This may seem crazy but every Sunday night I lay out all my outfits for the week. I started it doing it years ago! It may take a lot of my time on Sunday's but it is so worth it. It saves time during the week instead of picking out an outfit the night before school. For me the biggest benefit of laying all my outfits out on Sunday nights is that I have a variety of outfits to chose one in the morning to correspond with how I'm feeling.

Last night I went out with friends to watch the fireworks (Victoria Day) and didn't end up getting home till 1:30 am so I was way too tired to pick out four more outfits for the week so when I woke up still tired after only a few hours of sleep, I threw on this new comfy white pull over from H&M as well as leather shorts from Zara and my Topshop booties to keep with the more edgy look of the outfit. 

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