Friday, March 27, 2015

The Best of Mad Men: Style

  Mad Men is without a doubt one of the most stylish shows on television. The show does an excellent job at keeping within the 1960's theme and costume designer Janie Bryant translates the fashions from year to year perfectly going from the Dior New Look to mod effortlessly. Each of the female lead characters attire speaks for them. Betty's wardrobe reflects her strive for perfection and child like attitude, hence the pastel colours and prints in her wardrobe. Megan's style is the complete opposite of Betty's because she is the complete opposite of Betty. Megan is modern and does things how she wants to do them. Megan wants to be in control of her own life while Betty is normally okay with taking the back seat. Megan is a modem woman which is why Janie Bryant dresses Megan in more of a fashion forward mod look. 

The main reason why I started watching the award winning series was because of it's chic 1960's style whether it be the fashion or interior decor. It took me six episodes to really get into the show and once I did I was hooked.

Mad Men's final seven episodes begin Sunday, April 5. While I'm looking forward to the last few episodes I am not looking forward to the series ending. 

Megan Draper

Megan Draper and Betty Francis 

Trudy Campbell 

Betty Draper 

Don and Megan Draper 

Don and Betty 

Trudy Campbell 

Sally Draper 

Zou Bisou Bisou 

Don and Sally Draper 

Betty Draper 

Pete and Turdy Campbell 

Megan Draper 

Joan Harris 

Peggy Olsen

My favourtie Betty look 

Jane Sterling 

Rachel Minken 

Jane and Roger Sterling 

Take this style quiz to find out who your Mad Men style icon is. I got Megan Draper. 

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